Brian J Morrison

A Flick of the Wrist


7pm til Late
COLLAR, Pollard St. East | M40 7FS

View by appointment only -- please enquire via email

Artist Brian J Morrison presents a series of new works which tread a line between painting, sculpture and performance. He is concerned with the role of the body in relation to the production and consumption of art works. Traces of the physicality of the body are present via unseen performative actions. He attempts to produce objects which maintain a sense of contradiction: unsettling, but somewhat seductive, fixed but in motion, inanimate but slowing dying, virile and impotent. “They repel each other, it’s a constant power struggle. If only they could exist in harmony. Their conflation results in an abstract beauty, but perhaps so does their conflict” His works call to mind the polarised opinions of the predominately male minimalist sculptors of the 1960’s and the process-driven work which followed.

Brian J Morrison is a Belfast-born artist, based in Birmingham. He is a member of Studio Capri, an artist run studio group and has exhibited works in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Brian represented England at the Standpoint Futures Residency, London in 2015 and was awarded a solo exhibition at the Warsaw Photography Festival Poland in 2016. He is currently showing work as part of a four-week public arts programme based at The Shoe Factory, Norwich.