COLLAR – the blue COLLAR worker, the white COLLAR worker. undoubtedly served by one – obviously acquainted with one.

Enter the gold COLLAR worker, we salute you.

Fascinated by this neologism of low-wage workers who invest in conspicuous luxury, COLLAR seeks to investigate the artist-led environment and the fleeting and - at times - fickle and – at some other times – desirable relationship between artist and curator, maker and consumer, lover and fantasist.

Clasping various curatorial models between our satirical fingertips – we continue to question societies dominated by modern conditions of production, value and desire. Life is now presented to us as an immense accumulation of spectacles.

The packaged product, and probably on offer.

COLLAR looks to divorce this interpretation from it’s myth – through curation and artistic production we play around with commerce and other models of consumerism and their role within the operational structures of the art world. Offering exhibitions, concept bars et al –

We often question our

own relevance – in this – don’t you worry. I think you should do the same.

We dress as we would dress the booth – poetic and considered Conjoined with our sense of romanticism we offer a gesture of duality. Between hope and tragedy
Between futility and ‘b fruitality ‘.

How are we expected to make love, when the carpet is always the same?

Dwelling within fragmented views of reality, we regroup ourselves into a new unity, as a separate pseudo-world that we can only be looked at.

Now look me in the eyes and tell me you still love me; You can’t and I knew it all along.

COLLAR is an artist-led organisation based in Manchester, UK. Found(ed) in early March 2016.




*6th Floor, Wellington House, Manchester, M40 7FS*

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[ Open by appointment during exhibition(s).

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