Isabella Widger + Theo Vass
Caitlin Merrett King + Alistair Gow
Hannah Reynolds + Nick Lynch

[ Dismantle an ego, assemble an amity. ]

Through the excitation of three new creative partnerships, Assume an open posture explicitly addresses collaboration as methodology, framed by the language of friendship. Central to Florida’s approach is the foregrounding of working together as a means of building friendships and what a reversal of this might yield.

Consider the importance of offering - you’re resisting a solipsistic urge. Make your thinking malleable and respond readily.
Friendship harbours a commonality of ideas, a sharing of thoughts and actions, and a ‘doing together' in life and often work. This exhibition facilitates the opportunity for mutual support between artist and collaborator. We pay creative attention and gain a pleasurable education. 

Hard material, soft association ~

In ‘Company’ curated by Florida at Summerhall in Edinburgh, Isabella Widger and Theo Vass’ sculptural works were positioned together within a vitrine, creating a formal harmony, despite differing aesthetic sensibilities. Attentive to the pleasure of these tensions, the new work explores ways of developing this within single forms; Vass has transformed the materiality and presentation of Widger’s highly specific formal language, extending and layering the objects’ legibilities.

Amicable pedagogy

Caitlin Merrett King and Alistair Gow met at Glasgow Print Studio where they perform different roles; Retail Gallery Assistant and Production Assistant respectively. Interested in complicating this power dynamic, Merrett King has invited Gow to enact the role of teacher, instructing her in the production of new collaborative monoprints. The series concentrates on imagery sourced from Collar’s online presence, redoubling the notion of support through making visible.

Intersection of method

As a means of exploring the affinities within their approaches to making, Hannah Reynolds and Nick Lynch have produced a kind of visual narrative, the indices of certain atmospheres, moods and observations, as well as past gestures. Constituted by a collaging of works and thoughts, the pieces function through the oscillations of their own potential meaning and what this coalescence might reveal about the artists’ shared processes.

Nurture a verdant Garden of Email. 
Assume an open posture. 
Assuage doubt.

With { utter } Thrill

C O L L A R x F L O R I D A