Subverting the existing structures of the exhibition we want to execute an environment of purchase.

~ The Customer's Purgatory ~

Artworks as the ultimate souvenir ~ which could all be sold.
See-it Buy-it by nature.


Ellie Barrett
Charlie Duck
Alfie Strong
Meghan Smith
James Lomax
Maria De La O Garrido
Charlie Godet Thomas
Eva Gold
Ikra Arshad
Kamilia Harchi
Jonathan Trayte
Elise Van Mourik
Sam Hutchinson
Paloma Proudfoot

The aims of the show consider the viewers relationship with us; as a curatorial collaboration. In this experimental stage, we seek exploration into inaccessibility of commerce, the pressure of so-called belonging and stature, but also a strange crossing of threshold between spectatorship and consumerism. 

We want to re-emphasise the art work as a desirable ~ questioning desire itself, embodying our fascination with it and exploring our affair. Bringing this to the forefront of our dialogue, we are also bringing into question desire within the object and how that can be related to a certain kind of happiness ~ surrounding ourselves with the concept of the Free Choice Paradigm. In essence, the idea that Given too much choice, we can simply self sabotage our chances of happiness. 

It’s either / or. 

To reiterate, Collar seeks to present a gesture ~ an inaugural wave . . . as a stranger, to acquaintance, friend or menace. 

Consumer, sweetheart
Grin and Bear

[ With utter thrill. ]