30.04.16 - 14.05.16





I want to be your five minute fascination, I want you to get lost in me. I don’t believe that you are who you say you are but I am willing to suspend disbelief for just one evening and go along with you and your illusion. I have crafted myself into a new version of me, young and alive, bright and new -  and you, you are the same. Parading around on your big float, declaring yourself to a world that for now feels new. Cover me in bright lights and gold. Rest my head on velvet pillows and cover me in the finest silk, tonight I am precious, at least that’s what I want you to believe. Make me a shining spectacle of all you want to see, give into your passion, show me your talent, show me the you that’s kept in the cupboard with the silverware, show me what you want to be - show me the spectacle of you. Here I am, arms wide open, lungs filled with air. Entertain me, and make me new. I am declaring my ideals. I chose the shirt, the jeans, the shoes - the place, the time, the mood. I am a mockery of myself, or, am I more a distraction. An abstracted version of me. Free from the war of life and the pain of existence. I am my own becoming, a transformation I undertake each time we meet, I pray you never learn of the real me. The shallow, lonely, desperate me. I resurrect my hope when we meet, I dismiss my worry and throw myself into life, I make myself new, a king in my castle. Love me forever darling, like a new born babe. I am for your eyes only. I am your spectacle, I am your reason to let go, your reason to be free.