T r a d i n g  p l a c e s

P O P P O S I T I O N S  | B R U S S E L S

 21.04.16 - 24.04.16


For its 5th edition, apart from wondering if we are, being an alternative art fair, on the “wrong side” of the art market, this year’s tagline is equally related to the socio-geopolitical situation in Europe and beyond. In times of crisis, the very notion of a border becomes highly polemicized, giving rise to numerous questions. What does it mean to be on the “right” or the “wrong” side of the market, of history, modernity, economic prosperity and so forth? Who decides right from wrong? How are visible and less visible boundaries being drawn, and what are its consequences? And what are truly transgressive practices today? C O L L A R will present new work by two recent graduates who have been invited to directly respond to the concept of 'Trading Places' and the alternative art fair model. 'Trading Places' will working as a projection of an impending landscape, when art follows business models, corporate strategies or corporate aesthetics, creating a seemingly fictional functionality to inform and sustain artist-led practice and production. Each artist has been chosen based on their desire to critique the traditional structure in which art is produced, and through a variety of cross dimensional approaches we hope to create an experimental platform on which they can further these interests. 



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