U N T I L  T H E N  I ' L L  M E E T  Y O U  I N  T H E  G O L D  R O O M 

T H E   M A N C H E S T E R   C O N T E M P O R A R Y

22.09.16 - 25.09.16

To you,

I am to write very few words,
We have our lives, to teach us the rest

Your love has made me selfish
My love has made me restless
Our love has made me victorious

Parading I am half tragedy, 
Half hope

Sad elations,
this evening
Lacks only you

You’re around
Need us only touch once,
We were magnificent
At worse
We have become friends, 
I think.

We fall from our pink haze,
Our golden days.

I am no longer in dream
I am to chase the myth of reality that you sold to me,
So long ago

You have failed me, 
And they won’t believe in you forever.

I'm asking
Lover please stay with me.
But until then, if ever
until then, I’ll meet you in the Gold Room.

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